Wounded veteran Brian Boone with his Canine Companions for Independence service dog Brindle at home in San Antonio, Texas.

Brian Boone and Brindle at home on their front porch.

I don’t think most people realize that some of the best examples of wounded warriors are the ones you rarely see. They don’t do a lot of events or public appearances, or make a big splash anywhere – they’re busy just out living their lives every day. And that is a great thing.

I talk about why that’s so important and somebody who exemplifies that – my friend Brian Boone. I  actually have a number of good friends who fit that description exactly, and there’s no better example than Brian.

Two quick updates / corrections for things I talked about in my last podcast as well:

  • During their annual volunteer conference in Dallas this weekend, Canine Companions for Independence clarified both the numbers for the categories of dogs they train as well as the total number of veterans they’ve trained and during what time period. The latter number is 235 veterans since the beginning in 1975 out of 5487 total placements, which is 4.28%.
  • There won’t be a Diamond Ball at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel this year. “Unfortunately, we will not be hosting The Diamond Ball this year due to business demands; however, we continue our Yappy Hour Series with all proceeds benefiting Canine Companions for Independence.”

More details about all of the above in the podcast.


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