NEADS 2016 Annual Report service dog numbers.

This great detailed numbers page from the NEADS 2016 Annual Report stands in stark contrast to what’s available from most service dog organizations.

Is it reasonable to expect the biggest service dog organizations in the U.S. to make accurate statements about their programs? And to be clear and straightforward about things like how many dogs they train annually and in what categories, and the number of veterans they’ve served?

I think so. Don’t you?

That’s why I’ve beenĀ really disappointed lately with a few very prominent things I’ve seen from those organizations. I talk about those in detail and why they are so important to you in this latest podcast.

I also talk briefly about why I’m not a fan of the proposed Canadian General Standards Board service dog standard and don’t want to see anything like it here in the U.S., and the amazing growth of the Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy raising program here in Texas.

Update 07/13/17: There’s an excellent new very detailed podcast from Jonathan Mosen | The Blind Side about the problems with the CGSB standard that was posted after I recorded this one. I don’t necessarily agree with all the concerns expressed there, but it’s important to know that they exist and apply far beyond just this proposed standard, and he summed things up very well when he said it’s like “using a sledgehammer to crack a nut”. I added the link below – last day to comment on the standard is tomorrow, July 14.

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Ten Largest Service Dog Organizations in the U.S. by Assets – 2016

Organization Assets Income Staff Placements
Canine Companions for Independence $56,352,754 $22,124,348 255 366
K9s for Warriors $11,278,391 $8,705,687 41 73
Puppies Behind Bars Inc $9,916,660 $3,132,436 17 10
NEADS $7,113,316 $2,317,406 41 37
Paws With A Cause $6,200,945 $3,906,182 55 ?
4 Paws for Ability $5,349,541 $2,758,142 128 103
Support Dogs, Inc $5,348,058 $1,433,617 19 19
Can Do Canines $4,458,846 $1,458,715 33 34
Patriot Paws Service Dogs $4,212,489 $3,673,694 26 ?
Warrior Canine Connection $2,740,802 $1,941,816 34 ?


Veterans initiative diagram from the Canine Companions for Independence 2016 Annual Report. It wasn’t clear to me. Is it clear to you?

Canine Companions for Independence 2016 Annual Report veterans initiative diagram.

What’s not in the CCI 2016 Annual Report – the category numbers. This is from their 2015 report.

Canine Companions for Independence 2015 Annual Report assistance dog category numbers.

K9s for Warriors: “We’re the largest service dog provider in the United States”

“K9s for Warriors: The PAWS Act – The Time To Act Is Now!”

Testimony of Rory Diamond, Executive Director of K9s For Warriors before The Subcommittee on National Security of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

Canine Companions for Independence 2016 Annual Report

USA Spending.Gov Recipient Profile: Canine Companions for Independence, Inc – FY2017

USA Spending.Gov Recipient Profile: Canine Companions for Independence, Inc – FY2016

“Warrior Canine Connection: Harnessing the Human-Animal Bond to Promote Healing”

NEADS 2016 Annual Report

GUIDE DOG NEWS – The Quarterly Publication of Guide Dogs for the BlindĀ 2017 ISSUE 2

The Blind Side 43 Controversial Proposed Standards for Canadian Service Dog Teams