Service dog? Emotional support animal? Therapy dog? Pet? How do you know?

We get into all these arcane discussions full of terminology and acronyms in the service dog world all the time about whether a dog is a P-S-D, or an E-S-A, or just a plain ol’ P-E-T, but all the public sees is a D-O-G.

This podcast is a little longer than I’d prefer and not quite as focused as I’d like, but it’s still OK, and it gets the message across I’d intended.

I went through the original post that I’d written back in late December, expounded on that, and added some additional thoughts as well.

I think you’ll find my angle a bit different from most of what you read, and I’ve addressed some things I haven’t seen addressed in everything I’ve read elsewhere.

I knew this would be one of the first podcasts because it’s one of the most discussed and controversial subjects in the service dog world, and there’s always some situation going on where it’s directly relevant. There have been a couple of those in recent days, so now was as good a time as ever to do this one.

I’m not going to put up a separate set of show notes this time, you can just go to the original post at this link and follow along if you’d like:

All The Public Sees Is A D-O-G