Wounded Warrior Service Dog Program FY2016 grant recipients.

Wounded Warrior Service Dog Program FY2017 Grant Recipients

My guess is “not much”.

Neither did I, honestly, until I took a very close look at the program after reading yesterday that Representative Jim McGovern from Massachusetts reintroduced the Wounded Warrior Service Dog Act, H.R. 2625, last week to continue the program for another five years at a cost of $25 million.

Oh, I knew about it, had first written about it here a couple years ago, and even talked about it in previous recent podcasts, but I didn’t know anywhere near the detail I do now.

Biggest surprise? You don’t have to be Assistance Dogs International or International Guide Dog Federation accredited to be eligible for a grant – all you have to do is provide “A statement of the organization’s continuing commitment to IGDF and ADI standards (or a statement indicating that the organization’s standards exceed those of IGDF and ADI would be acceptable).”

I talk about why that’s a longstanding issue as well as whether DoD is able to adequately evaluate assistance dog organizations, and also make some comparisons with the PAWS Act.

If you listen to this latest podcast, you’ll be an expert on this program.


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https://www.usaspending.gov/Pages/AdvancedSearch.aspx?sub=y&ST=G&FY=2016&A=0&SS=USA&AA=9700&k=service+dog&SB=AM&SD=DESC  FY2017 Grant Recipients