Ruth and her assistance dog Heathcliff from Canine Partners.

“We are able to go to the local shops together unaccompanied, something I would never have dreamt of before.” – Ruth and Heathcliff from Canine Partners

Not really the usual news summary this week, just a couple of short follow-ups on things I’ve recently discussed – the Guiding Eyes for the Blind Heeling Autism program change and the Canine Companions for Independence CEO statement about post-traumatic stress dogs for veterans – and a longer theme subject I’ve wanted to discuss for some time: “We’re not a dog organization, we’re a people organization”.

That’s a critical concept that drives everything we do in the assistance dog world, something that can’t be said often enough by everyone from the CEO of an organization to the newest person who just got there yesterday. And yet how often do we hear someone actually say that?

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