International Assistance Dog Week 2016

A much more positive International Assistance Dog Week message from just last year.

A lot of “quick hit” ones in a short podcast this week, both follow-ups to ongoing things I’ve talked about before and some new things as well.

I talk about my concerns with the direction International Assistance Dog Week has taken; the excellent statement from CCI CEO Paul Mundell about PTS dogs for veterans and the PAWS Act, specifically; the continuing Heeling Autism controversy; some Texas assistance dog stories; and a short but nice “letter to the editor” I read the other day.

This Week’s Stories / Links


● International Assistance Dog Week, Aug 7-13, 2016

“Fake Assistance Dogs Cause Legitimate Harm”


● PAWS Act – “Veterans With PTS Hearing Testimony”


● Heeling Autism


● “K-9 Con: A Sheboygan family left without a service dog has a warning for others”


● Sherry Magness and Facility Dog Petra


● Patriot Paws


● Letter: Don’t discriminate against those with service animals