State of Michigan Registered Service Animal ID Card and Patch, Michigan Department of Civil Rights

Official State of Michigan Service Dog Patch and Identification Card. The real deal, not to be confused with all those commercial service dog registry ID cards that anyone can buy.

Only one subject for this week’s weekly news summary – service dog identification cards, in particular those commercial service dog registry ones.

I saw yet another story a couple days ago where a veteran with a service dog was asked to leave a bar, and during the television news interview he pulled out one of those registry identification cards and explained that he’d showed it to the bar staff.

That made me think that it’s a real good time to address what is a very old and tough subject once again.

I talk about the overall subject of service dog IDs, including the ADA not requiring them, the private registry places, and the new Michigan official state ID pictured above.

This Week’s Links

“Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA”

“Americans with Disabilities Act Title III Regulations”

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