VA PTSD Service Dog Program issues, Canine Companions for Independence program participation  #cciteam2016

Army Veteran Derrick Tillman, VA’s national dog trainer. Photo by Adam Hernandez.

A lot to cover this week, most of it with an organizational focus and not all fun subjects, but important for you to know.

But not all of it – if you stick with me to the end, there’s a funny story I think you’ll want to hear.

This Week’s Stories / Links


● VA PTS Service Dog Program Issues

“You Can Spend Your Life Arguing About Stuff, Or You Can Get Something Done”

“VA Service Dog Study Members Speak Out for Its Expansion, Advocates say VA bureaucracy holding up the process”


● Heeling Autism Update



● Everybody’s Got Cute Puppies


● Service Dog / Therapy Dog / ESA Comparison Chart


● American Humane Association “Wags4Patriots™ Guide to Getting a PTS Service Dog”


● New VA Veteran Suicide Study


● Early Times / K9s for Warriors – Reinforcements Video