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Wounded Warrior Receives Canine Companions Service Dog Raised in Prison Program – Repost

I said recently I was gonna start reposting things I’d written before if they were still pertinent and relevant.

Here’s another one I ran across while searching for something else this morning, started to read looking for that, and it hit me that the same stuff is still true a year and a half later (and it’s not all good stuff, either). It also surprised me because, while I’ve said all of this to enough people over time, I honestly didn’t remember that I’d actually written it here, too.

So, a good time to just … Read More

“I’m So Proud Of That American Flag… That’s Why I Was Serving My Country.”

Matthew Keil – Playing With A Purpose – Homes For Our Troops

CBS broadcast a PGA special called “Playing With A Purpose” last month about the charity efforts some of the top professional golfers are involved in.

The first segment featured Phil Mickelson and his involvement with Homes For Our Troops and was all about my friends Matt and Tracy Keil who live out here in Parker, Colorado. I’ve written about Matt before – he was shot in the neck by a sniper in Ramadi in 2007, is paralyzed from the chest down other than … Read More

OIF Veteran And Canine Companions For Independence Graduate Matt Keil Talks About ‘Homes For Our Troops’

KDVR Channel 31 in Denver just did a great news story a coupla days ago with Canine Companions for Independence graduate Matt Keil and his wife Tracy promoting a wonderful organization, Homes For Our Troops, who built their beautiful house.  Matt’s CCI Service Dog Gus, who was raised in the prison program at the Kit Carson Correctional Center in Burlington, Colorado, makes a brief working appearance in the video, too.

As Matt explains in the video, he’s a wounded warrior who was paralyzed with the exception of his left arm by a sniper’s bullet … Read More

Wounded Warrior Receives Canine Companions Service Dog Raised in Prison Program

That’s what the headline and angle for this story could’ve actually been (or something like it) if someone wanted to write it that way.

The story I’m referring to is this article from The Oregonian a few days ago about Canine Companions for Independence puppies being raised at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility for women in Wilsonville, OR:

“Future service dogs get their training by women inmates at Coffee Creek lockup”

It’s a good story, too (albeit with a few inaccuracies – for example, they aren’t “therapy dogs”), but my point is that, as I’ve … Read More

Think That Prison Puppy Raising Program Is Unique? Think Again.

I keep seeing service dog places that promote their prison puppy raising program as if it was unique, the core element of their organization, and the biggest reason for you to support them.  Some even make claims that leave me shaking my head, because I have no idea what they’re basing those claims on.  For example, I just saw a story only a few days ago about a small organization in the Midwest that said theirs was “one of just three programs in the nation where a canine connection is made behind bars.”

The reality Read More