There’s a tremendous story in today’s Denver Post about Comet, who might be the most dedicated service dog you’ve ever seen.

Comet is a Canine Companions for Independence skilled companion dog here in Colorado Springs who, if you look closely at the following picture, you will note only has three legs:

You can read the whole story about Comet and his buddy Veren Betzen at the following link.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention CCI by name, but anyone who knows what a CCI cape looks like will spot it right away:

“Three legged dog keeps up care for disabled teen”

There’s one other big thing the story doesn’t mention, and you may never hear it from CCI since they don’t like to toot their own horn, so I will.

CCI has a stated unwavering commitment to its graduate teams for the lifetime of the dog, and you can rest assured that CCI was very involved in making sure Comet got the appropriate care.  That says a ton about CCI, and should make anyone who’s associated with this organization very proud, and anyone thinking about becoming associated with it very comfortable in doing so.