“Guide Puppy With Squirrel Distractions”

OK, I’m way behind the curve on this one.

I rarely, if ever, write about guide dogs here – no real reason other than it’s not a part of the assistance dog world I know well or focus on, and there are plenty of others doing that already. But I do think highly of them and follow some of the top organizations, in particular Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, CA, which is, simply put, as good as it gets.

As part of that, I’m subscribed to the GDB blog RSS feed and a fan of their Facebook page, but I’d never heard of or watched the Growing Up Guide Pup series until they mentioned it on the blog (“Puppy Raisers’ YouTube Series Debuts at New Media Film Festival”) last week, and they are already on week 40.

It’s really, really good – see for yourself.  And if I was a certain service dog organization about 30 miles up 101 (who they have a great relationship with to include sharing some breeder dogs), I’d steal…uh,  borrow, I mean…this idea in a heartbeat.