Why No Social Media Presence

(March 2017 Update: I originally wrote this over two years ago in January 2015, and things are only worse – exponentially worse – two years later.)

“Why, you have to have a business Facebook page and be on Twitter!” No, you don’t. I very intentionally don’t have a business Facebook page and am not active on Twitter, and thought I’d explain why.

I didn’t invent the Internet, but I’ve been online a lot longer than most, especially those my age – about 25 years now – and I was an Oracle performance tuning geek, so I’m far from a technophobe and am very familiar with the environment.

And I’m active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ (to a much lesser extent) personally, and still have Twitter accounts, but stopped tweeting several years ago for a number of reasons, and, frankly, Twitter’s only gotten worse – much worse. It’s a total mess. While it’s still useful to search for good information, “separating the wheat from the chaff” (which is the nice way to put it), even that has become much tougher since that requires a real effort to maneuver through all the mindless – and just plain mean, nasty, and obnoxious – stuff that makes up the vast majority of what’s tweeted now.

The biggest reason I’m not there is pretty simple, though: the nature of what I do is that it’s a one-on-one, very personal, private, and confidential thing that’s just not appropriate for those venues.

Beyond that, as far as social media strategy goes, put me in the school that says Facebook, Twitter, etc, are all just outposts for your website, which is the core location, and all that other stuff is just there to point people to your site.

And the reality is, many, if not most, businesses aren’t really making effective use of those sites, anyway. You can read the studies that will tell you how little a “Like” on a page really means, including how over half of the people who “Like” a page don’t routinely look at the information from that page. It’s effectively a one-time thing – they click on the “Like” and never pay any real attention after that. If, given the vagaries of Facebook and what their algorithm shows you in your news feed, they even see the information from the page in their feeds in the first place.

You likely may have also noted I don’t have comments enabled here, either, and it’s largely for the same reason. I’m far from the first to go that route, too. In my case, when I did have them enabled, there never really was that much discussion here to begin with. And, honestly, when there was, it really didn’t add a lot.

I figure there are plenty of places already to talk about assistance dogs, and if you wanna communicate with me, that is a one-on-one, private, personal thing, and I have a contact page where you can do that.

Now, I won’t say all this is written in stone – if I see a good reason to change, I may well do that. But for now that’s how it is.